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The order of events is subject to change due to regional weather conditions.

Schedule Of Competition Events

Wednesday, June 5 - Warm Up Trial

     Urban Challenge Tournament
     Lost Item Challenge Tournament

Thursday, June 6 - Showcase Part 1

      Open to BOB #1-5 invitees and #26-50 invitees


Friday, June 7 - Showcase Part 2

     Open to BOB #1-5 invitees and #26-50 invitees

Saturday, June 8 - Invitationals Day 1

      Open to Invitational invitees and Showcase winners


Sunday, June 9 - Invitationals Day 2

      Open to Invitational invitees and Showcase winners

Monday, June 10 - Semi-Finals and Finals

     Invitational Semi-Finals and Finals (all events)

All trials will use gerbils in place of rats, in compliance with Alberta laws.

Your trial committee has not yet confirmed which events will run on each day of the Showcase and Invitationals.

Please understand that there are many moving parts to this event. As soon as this information is available, it will appear on this website. Please check back for more information.

Competition Events

Social Events

Social Events

Traditionally, NASDA Invitationals has a series of informal events, activities, and themed days, as well as more organized dinners and an awards ceremony. More information will be coming about awards nominations and voting soon. 

STICKERS AND OTHERS TRADES: Throughout the week, people are encouraged to trade stickers, challenge coins, or other giveaways with fellow competitors. It makes for an awesome way to remember people, their dogs, and the experiences you had during Invitationals. Stickers can be as simple or complex as you'd like. Many people like to stick them on their water bottle, so if it's possible for you to create a waterproof trade, great! If not, just let the person you're giving it to know that it is more suitable for a notebook, laptop, or binder.

Please behold:

Kate's Emotional Support Water Bottle!

Stickers and Trades
Montana Sticker Edited_edited_edited.jpg
Basset Pro Hounds Edited 1.png

Super RAD NASDA 2023 Invitationals sticker made by a visiting club. I don't remember which club, so if you know, please shoot me a message and tell me so I can update this blurb.

Basset Pro Hounds custom sticker representing Basset Hound Shecara's Sailor's Mouth - Shirley - out of Calgary, AB (Kate's dog).

Custom "Lawless & Ungovernable" sticker, again made for Kate's Basset Hound, Shirley.

HOW DO I MAKE STICKERS?: Don't panic! If you are crafty and want to make them at home on your Cricut or even on your printer, great! Adobe Express is a relatively new and FREE web-based design software that makes it very easy to remove backgrounds from photos, add text, and get things prepped for the printer. SIMPLE IS FINE. Please do not feel obligated to participate if it is a source of stress - this is purely for fun. You do not need to engage a graphic designer to make your stickers unless that is something that pleases yoand is within your budget

WHERE DO I ORDER STICKERS?: There are a variety of answers to this question, too! Two good options are Sticker Giant and Sticker Mule. There are a bunch of other companies out there that offer sticker services - find one you like, LOOK FOR A COUPON CODE, and go wild!


Wednesday, June 5th - Warm Up Trial: Snack Day

Come representing your favourite snack! Bring snacks! Dress like a snack! You know you always wanted to wear a Ketchup Chip costume!

Thursday, June 6th - Showcase Part 1: Breed/Group Day

Come ready to rep your breed or be part of a breed group! You can go elaborate with matching t-shirts or a banner, or a simple bandana will do. 

Friday, June 7th - Showcase Part 2: NASDA Club Day

If you're part of a regular NASDA Club, come ready to rep your club! Shirts, flags, bandanas, banners - any and all of it is welcome. 


Saturday, June 8th - Invitationals Part 1: Province/State Day

Nobody beat the Canadians at this in 2024! Rep your State or Province in the most fun way you can.


Sunday, June 9th - Invitationals Part 2: Magical Day (fairies, unicorns, gnomes, stars) - whatever makes you feel magic in your life

Who doesn't love a little magic in their lives? Maybe it's a headband or hat, maybe it's a jersey, maybe it's competing with wings on. Just make sure it doesn't impede your dog's ability to work, okay?

Monday, June 10th - Invitationals Part 3: Double Digit Dog Day
Old dogs rule! Let's celebrate the golden oldies in our lives - many of whom are kicking some serious NASDA butt!

Note: even if your old dog isn't present, please join us in our midday celebration with a photo, card to hold up, anything. 

Theme Days
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